Candle Co.

The Candle Co. Diffuser

$29 $49.99
We were tired of having the same weird shaped diffuser that our doctors office had - so we created something new. Our Candle Co. diffuser is the perfect way to turn any environment into your own personal spa. Finally, a portable diffuser that actually fits your style, and allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy any and everywhere. Life can get challenging, and it's important to take time for yourself. Our Candle Co. team is here to help you recharge and take a break! 
  • ULTRASONIC OIL DIFFUSER - The Candle Co. diffuser breaks water and essential oils into extremely fine micro-particles without using heat, ensuring the integrity of the essential oils and allowing the body to absorb it easily. Making it the perfect scent diffuser and infusers for essential oils. (280ML Barrel)
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE - The Candle Co. diffuser works perfectly with any of your favorite essential oils, whether you want to fill your space with lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, patchouli or peppermint. Great for diffuser essential oils aromatherapy and taking time for self-care and recharging. Simply fill the reservoir with water mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oils to instantly enjoy the cooling mists and a spa like vibe wherever you are. 
  • CAN BE USED AS HUMIDIFIER AND DIFFUSER - This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser can also be used as a cool mist diffuser for essential oils and humidifier . It provides moisture for dry cough, sinus irritation, and dry skin. This provides many health benefits: improves breathing, strengthens the immune system, helps to lift your mood and relieves stress . Perfect oil diffuser humidifier for bedroom
  • PORTABLE USB CAPABILITY - The Candle Co. diffuser offers a USB capability which allows you to use your laptop as a power source. This means you can take our diffsuer anywhere you'd like, turning any environment into your own personal spa.
  • GREAT GIFT AND BUY RISK-FREE - Our Candle Co. diffuser is the perfect gift for family and friends who love aromatherapy or can benefit from aromatherapy healing. Portable for gym, yoga, baby room, bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom,. If you are not completely satisfied or run into any issues, simply contact us and we will give you a hassle-free refund or exchange